We are a value-driven, reliable and client-centred real estate solutions provider

KAF Properties is an emerging, value-driven, reliable and customer-centred housing solutions provider with the aim to develop several local and international architectural landmarks.

We offer full-service real estate development services with a focus on urban residential single/multifamily properties, targeting assets in established communities with proven long-term demand drivers.

We believe there are no shortcuts to any place worth living because home is where the heart is and knowing fully well that today’s investment strategy is to acquire, entitle, build, and hold for cash flow and appreciation. we are on a mission to create dynamic residential, commercial and mixed-use developments that provide great ROI to our clients, while utilizing designs that incorporate green building practices and sustainable materials.


KAF Properties Limited was established out of the conviction that owning a decent, modern, and smart home should not be a privilege for the affluent but for every hard-working person who is dear to dream.

The company is also built on the promise to bring trust and investment opportunities in Real Estate in and out of Sierra Leone.

The Company was incorporated in Sierra Leone in 2022 with the registered office at Kabba Road, Bathurst Regent, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

We provide cutting-edge Real Estate Solutions with the mission of making individuals such as employees, employers, and institutions own a convenient and affordable modern smart home and create investment opportunities in Real Estate.


The Vision of KAF Properties is to transform the face of communities by providing innovative affordable modern convenient residential, commercial, and industrial real estate solutions for clients and helping them own their dream homes.


Our mission is to construct innovative, intelligent, and convenient homes to transform the edifice of real estate.