Why KAF Properties ?

KAF Properties has a wealth of experience across construction and property development, with in-house capabilities to design and build for both corporate organizations and private individuals.

Every single phase of our projects is given maximum detailed attention to ensure the best possible outcome. We use high quality and durable materials and fixtures in all our projects thereby enhancing and retaining the value on your property for a long time to come.

Our local expertise and one-stop shop for sourcing, designing, building and construction services affords you the leverage to reduce the time to market while achieving the best result in your construction or property development projects.

We are passionate about what we do, and we view each project as an opportunity to create value both for our client and the community the project is located.


At KAF Properties, we go through extensive rigour in planning every detail of the project. SCRUM is our execution methodology and we pride ourselves in doing twice the work in half the time because precision is the name of the game.


Without integrity, everything else falls apart. Trust us to maintain high level of integrity in all our business transactions. You can also count on us to execute the project as agreed. We do not compromise the quality agreed, personnel or material. Our word is our bond. So, you do not have to lose any sleep worrying about anything that we have agreed.


From concept to design, to construction to usage of our facilities, safety is the watchword. we spare no effort in ensuring that our projects conform with the highest quality standard. This also includes the safety of our workers. Therefore, if you desire a project that has safety baked in it, then welcome to KAF properties; the perfect property for you lies with us.


Our customers are at the centre of our world. We recognize you as KING and treat you as such. We are professional in our approach and ensure that at all time, we create positive experiences for our client. we listen keenly, collaborate actively and act in full consideration of your brief and budget in pursuit of a successful delivery of your projects.